Designed for the O.R., equally useful throughout the hospital 

​Made of light weight aluminum, our Stacking Stepstools are protected with an antimicrobial powder coating. Furthermore, they can support more weight than most of our competitor's stepstools.  We even have an autoclavable model ​and anti-fatigue mats (single-use and re-usable) designed for the step stools. See the many advantages below!

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Did you know that the corner rubbers found on some of the competition's stackable step stools can become a source for bacteria?​

​Antimicrobial Stackable Step Stools

Our stackable step stools can support the weight of half a Jeep Wrangler. That's 300 lbs (136 kg)!

You can ​color-code your stepstools by Department.

Stacking Step Stools

100 % Healthcare. ​IMPERIAL SURGICAL is registered as a certified manufacturer of medical devices. ​​

We offer one of the best warranty in the market. Our 7 years warranty covers all parts of our step stools.
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These stools are often in contact with moisture, fluid and blood; and will benefit from antimicrobial protection.

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